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Age 4

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June 15, 2003
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Age 4

July 2007 - June 2008

Captain Sydney - August 2007 Photobucket
Eating Dinner in Sandestin - August 2007 Photobucket
First Day of Preschool - September 2007
Sydney and Mommy in Sandestin- August 2007
Playing with Andrew in Sandestin - August 2007

First Day, backpack - September 2007

Sydney has been quite a busy girl so far this year!  Here is what she has been up to so far:
August: Family Vacation!  We left for 12 days, spending a couple of days at the Carribean Cove Waterpark in Indianapolis before heading south for Sandestin, FL.  Sydney LOVED the waterpark! She loved Sandestin even more though and couldn't get enough of the beach!
September:  Big milestone - Preschool!  Sydney was SO excited for her first day of preschool.  We missed the open house because we were on vacation so Mommy took her in the day before school started to meet her teacher (Mrs. Dana) and see her classroom.  I was a little concerned about how she would do being away from me and taking her enzymes but she did great with both!  She just LOVES school!  She also started taking a dance class that meets once a week.  She is learning tap, ballet/jazz, and tumbling. 
October: Halloween was basically a month long event between all of the Halloween parties, carving pumpkins, boo at the zoo and trick-or-treating.  Sydney was a bride and loved passing out candy at our house as much as getting it at other people's houses.  It was a fun time!
November: Things got a lot less exciting in November between the weather getting colder and Sydney getting a cold that turned into a sinus infection.  She did have a fun time at the Thanksgiving Dinners though.  We celebrated Christmas at Thanksgiving with Derek's family because his parents have turned into snow bunnies and headed south for the winter.  So Sydney loved getting to open some early Christmas presents.  Grandma and Grandpa Myers also gave us all the exciting news that they will be taking the entire Myers' Family to Disney World next June!  Sydney has been asking to go there for over a year now, so she is really excited!
December: Sydney had a great time getting ready for Christmas, celebrating Christmas and wasn't ready for it to be over when it finally was!  She had a class party at preschool and came home totally wound up with excitement!  She now has her dance class songs on CD and loves to practice her routine, it is so cute!  Her recital is in May and she is really excited about it!