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First Birthday Party

Sydney in the News
June 15, 2003
0 - 12 Months
First Birthday Party
Age 1
Second Birthday Party
Age 2
Third Birthday Party
Age 3
Fourth Birthday Party
Age 4

June 12th, 2004

Food and Guests

Sydney's First Vera Bradley Purse

Hmmm, what is this squishy stuff?

Daddy & Birthday Girl watching Sydney video

Birthday Cakes Made by Grandma Myers

Oh! I can eat it! Yummy!!

Sydney's first birthday party was a hit!  We held it at our apartment in Ossian.  We were worried that it might be a little tight because the apartment isn't very big, but it worked out great.  The weather was nice and Sydney had a really good time.  She was able to see her Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, and Cousins along with some friends!  She got lots of great presents and had fun playing with her cake (she only ate a few dainty little bites!)
Happy First Birthday Sydney! 
We cannot believe we have only known you for a year!