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Second Birthday Party

Sydney in the News
June 15, 2003
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June 12, 2005

The little red ladybug flew in to say…

Coming Soon is a very special day!!!

To which the fuzzy caterpillar did shout…

So that’s what all the excitement it about!!!


Our little lady, Sydney Anne, is turning TWO

And she wants to celebrate it with YOU!!!

Ladybug Birthday Cake
Getting Excited When Guests Arrive
Sydney and Cousin Hannah playing in the bubbles

Sydney and Hailey checking out a present

Sydney with Momma, Dadda and Cake

Momma-who can't believe her BABY is 2!!
Enjoying the Bubbles
Excited (and Sweaty) while opening presents!

Sydney had a BLAST at her Second Birthday Party!  There were 25 adults and 11 kids to celebrate with her~so her house was PACKED!!  Thank goodness the weather was nice enough that the kids could play outside!  She loved running all around with the kids and enjoyed all of her MANY birthday presents!!!
Once again, we cannot believe that another year has gone by!  This past year has been full of ups and downs with Sydney but thankfully there have been many more ups than downs and we pray that the rest of her years are the same way.  Sydney is beoming such a neat little girl and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives.  She teaches us so much about living and loving and we are often amazed by it.
Happy Second Birthday Sydney
~We LOVE You~