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No Longer Active

Age 1

Sydney in the News
June 15, 2003
0 - 12 Months
First Birthday Party
Age 1
Second Birthday Party
Age 2
Third Birthday Party
Age 3
Fourth Birthday Party
Age 4

July 2004 thru June 2005

4th of July - ready to see the fireworks!

Taking a Walk in the Park

See my cute belly! - August

Showing off curls at the Children's Zoo

The Myers' Girls Hanging Out with Icey at Ossian Days

Fall 2004

October 2004
Doing the Hokie Pokie at the Park (You Put Your Leg In...)

Second Christmas

Playing at home in the snow

Looking at my new backyard - 21 months old

MOPS Day at the Park - April

2-Years Old

Cruising with Grandpa Myers before the fireworks

Picking Flowers in the Park

Holly Hobby Outfit

Grandma Milton's Favorite T-shirt!

Watching the Markle Wild Cat Days Parade - September

Sitting Pretty - 15 Months

October 2004
Our Little Pumpkin

Opening Christmas Present on Christmas Morning

Hanging out with my Cousins during the Superbowl! 19 months

Getting so big!

Shopping for Birthday Party Decorations - April

Woohoo! I am TWO!

Summer Events:
This has been an eventful summer, that is for sure.  On June 20th, Sydney helped us welcome her new cousin, Madison Louise Milton, into the world!  Madison was born on Father's Day (so was Sydney! it must run in the family!).  On June 23rd, Sydney was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis .  Since the diagnosis, we have been spending lots of time going to doctor appointments.  Fortunately, we have also been able to have some fun in the midst of all the appointments!  Sydney is now running all over the place and loves to explore (and get in to) everything!  She is so active.  She went to her first wedding this July and had a great time dancing at the reception.  The wedding was in Columbus, Ohio (where she was born) so while we were there, she also got to visit her friend Emily Walker (who is only 30 hours older than Sydney!) and her friend Ashleigh Dersom (who is 2 months younger) along with many grown-up friends.
This August has been a fun month for Sydney!  She went to a birthday party for her cousin Briena (who turned 2) and she was a big part of a Suprise Birthday Party for her Grandma Milton (aka GaGa).  She also went to her first parade (Markle Wildcat Days) and she LOVED it!  She had a great time waving at the people and floats. She especially enjoyed the bands, baton girls and horses (as did her MaMa!).  She rode on a train at the Festival and played with her friends Kayden and Grace.
September is here and the summer is quickly coming to a close but that isn't slowing Sydney down!  She went to her 2nd parade this month (and has 3 more coming in the next 2 weeks) and she also made her second trip to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  She LOVED the zoo (again) One of her favorite parts this time was the Petting Zoo where she "woofed" at the goats, hugged them and brushed them.  Her other favorite part of the zoo was playing in the fountains (she was completely soaked)!  She also enjoyed riding on the African Safari Jeep Tour and the Australian Log Ride.  This month she also watched both her Uncle Brian and her Grandpa Milton coach their Cross-Country teams at a meet.  That was her 2nd Cross-Country meet ever and she was very proud of them!  What a BUSY GIRL!!! 
All in all, it has been a great summer for Sydney.  We have had a few obsticles to over come but nothing we couldn't get through with the love and support from family and friends and most definately from God.
Fall Events:

Sydney loves fall!!!  This fall she is keeping busy by playing outdoors (she loves running through piles of leaves!) and going to Wee Read at the public library.  She also enjoys visiting her new house that is being built and playing with the rocks across the street.
Winter Events:
Wow, this has been an exciting winter for Sydney!!  She is all settled into the new house and LOVING all the extra room she has now!  She is getting SO BIG and is looking more and more like a little girl rather than a toddler these days!  She has been keeping busy by going to Wee Read and Toddlers in Motion and having playdates with her friend Grace.
Spring Events:
 March/April: Sydney is certainly glad that Spring is finally here because it means that she gets to spend more time OUTDOORS!!!  She loves the outdoors!  With some warmer weather now here, she loves to walk her baby in the stroller, play with rocks, get down and dirty in her muddy yard (no grass in our yard yet!) and take walks with Mamma, Dadda and Kobie!  Sydney has also been adding more words to her (fairly small) vocabulary.  In the past 2 weeks, she has learned to say:  cookie, thank you, yellow, blue, bench, and cheese!  Gooooooo Sydney!
This May, Sydney started learning the Alphabet!!  It all started out of the blue one day when she pointed to the letter O and said "O"!  We were very suprised by this so we got out the letter magnets and started going through them with her.  She now knows the letters: A, B, C, D, E, I, K, L, M, O, P, S, and T!!!  On May 31st, Sydney and Mommy were shopping at Lowe's (like they do every other day or so!!) and Sydney pointed to the Lowe's sign and said "S".  Mommy was very excited about this!!  Sydney also attended her first Great Strides Walk to celebrate raising money to help cure Cystic Fibrosis.  Check out the Great Strides 2005 page for more details and pictures!
We have been getting ready for Sydney's Birthday and we just can't believe that she is already almost 2 years old!  She is just growing like a weed both inside and out!