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No Longer Active

Age 2

Sydney in the News
June 15, 2003
0 - 12 Months
First Birthday Party
Age 1
Second Birthday Party
Age 2
Third Birthday Party
Age 3
Fourth Birthday Party
Age 4

July 2005 - June 2006

Sydney & Momma - Quabache State Park July 2

Bear Creek Farms Swimmin' Hole - July 3

Coming Down the Big Waterslide-she LOVED it!

July 4th-Hanging Out Before Fireworks - nice diaper, huh?

Dancing with DaDa and GaGa Myers

Playing first "Fair Game" at the Wells County 4-H Fair

Sydney and Emmy playing in Columbus, OH

Feeding Seagulls & Ducks at Grand Lake St. Mary's

Tubing with Daddy

Carving Our Pumpkins

Sydney with her "Myers Cousins"

Eating a Yummy Thanksgiving Dinner

Making a Stocking at the Toddler Time Party

Ready to Open this Big Pile of Presents!

Sydney (right) with "best friend" Grace - January

Very happy about the color of her playroom-to-be

Holding her new baby brother for the first time!

Sydney liked the buffalo!

Riding the Waterbike

Swimming with Cousins Hannah & Briena

Eating Supper with Hannah

Time for the Fireworks!!

Picking out a Prize (July 20th)

Sydney with Rachel & Daniel Waid after church in Hilliard, OH

Swimming in the Condo Pool at Grand Lake St. Mary's

Boating with Gaga and Papa Milton in front of the condos

Ewwwww Pumpkin Guts!

SydneyBug with our Pumpkins

Snow fun in the backyard - November

Santa Sydney in the Tub

Painting with a Christmas Present

Princess Sydney Eating a Royal Breakfast of Cheerios

"Helping" Mommy and Daddy paint the basement

Loving her Brother - May

Summer Events:
So far this summer Sydney has been to Quabache State Park, the Bear Creek Farms Swimmin' Hole, the 4th of July Fireworks, and the Wells County 4-H Fair!  She had a blast at all 4 places!
On August 5th, we packed up and headed to Columbus, Ohio to visit with some of our friends (we wish we could have seen all of our friends but there just wasn't enough time).  Sydney got to play with Emmy Walker, who was born the day before Sydney was.  They had a great time playing together.  She also got to see Rachel and Daniel Waid.  They had a great time playing at the Waid's home, Greater's Ice Cream, the Hilliard library, and Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (our church home in Hilliard, OH).  It was really neat to watch Sydney grow as she spent 2.5 days with other kids.  Her vocabulary really increased and she just started behaving a little more grown-up like!
On August 7th, we left Columbus and headed to Grand Lake St. Mary's for a few of days of R & R.  Sydney had a blast playing at the condo where we stayed, swimming in the pool, driving a boat,  and  feeding the ducks and seagulls (see videos on homepage).  All in all, it was a fun-packed and learning filled vacation for Sydney.
Over Labor Day Weekend, Sydney had her first pony ride at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  Be sure to check out the video clip (link on the homepage).  She LOVED it!  YeeHaw!
Fall Events:

Sydney has been keeping busy as usual this fall.  She has been to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo twice, one time for Boo at the Zoo, which she LOVED!  She has started Toddler Time at the Bluffton Library where she has been learning to sit still (ha ha) while enjoying the story time and then getting to make some really neat crafts.  She had a great time Trick-or-Treating on Halloween but is sad to see most of the pumpkins go.  This fall her vocabulary has doubled and tripled and we are often suprised and amused by the funny things she says.  Her humor is really developing.   An example would be the time she was telling Daddy that we learned about Apples at Toddler Time that day...she told him that apples come from seeds, showed him the apple tree picture that she made and when I asked her if she could remember the name of the guy who planted lots of apple trees she said, "Johnny Applesauce" then she giggled and said "Noooooo!  Johnny Appleseed."  Of course we just thought that was hilarious!
Winter Events:
Sydney has been having a blast so far this winter!  She got all excited about Christmas while learning about it at her Toddler Time class.  The class finished the 10 week session with a Christmas Party and she loved giving and recieving presents from her classmates!  She had a great time seeing her family members at the different Family Christmas gatherings and of course the presents were just an added benefit (a big one!).  It is now January and she is still talking about Christmas and pretending to be Santa Claus.  She was sad to see the snow melt because it meant the snow fort she made with Daddy melted too, but we promised her that there would be more snow to come!

Spring Events:
 We are just a few days into spring and Sydney has really been enjoying it so far!  We got a little snow on the first day (which she loved!) and now it has warmed up a bit and she has been having lots of fun outdoors!
Our big project of the winter has been finishing our basement.  Sydney has been very excited about this because it is where her new playroom will be (since her baby brother will be moving into her old playroom).  Her playroom was finally finished this spring and is now her favorite place in our house to hang out!  You can see her excitement during the painting of the basement - it was just about impossible to keep her out of there so we let her "help" us for a few minutes before sending her back up-stairs!
This spring was an eventful time for Sydney.  The most exciting event for her was the birth of her baby brother!  Andrew William Myers was born on May 3 and Sydney could not have been more excited about it!  She is such a wonderful big sister and we have been so proud of her!